Investment advice in the luxury segment

Bordeaux Traders is a highly regarded and qualified organisation specialised in fine luxury wines for investment purposes. Performance records of the past 20 years have proven that investing in fine wines is more secure and achieves higher returns than traditional forms of investment. Through achieving annual returns of 5-10%, these blue-chip wines even outperformed the highest regarded commodity: Gold. Fine wine investments through Bordeaux Traders: The noble alternative within the luxury sector; now available to private investors.

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How does an investment into fine wines actually work?

As the saying goes, not everything that glitters is gold; as such it is also not advisable to blindly invest into any fine wines. We are here to support you with our longstanding expertise and will help you create an optimal fine wine investment portfolio. Nevertheless investing in fine wines raises many eyebrows and causes confusion as well as obscurities. Over the years Bordeaux Traders have collected a long list of questions and uncertainties many investors seem to have. We would be delighted to share this knowledge with you. 

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Wine and Gold

Wine versus Gold; in the world of finance and investments, is it comparable? Despite the price fluctuations over the last few months, gold is still perceived as the ‘safe haven’. As investments in fine wine are relatively new, it is met with some reluctance, even from seasoned investors. More often than not, our newly interested account holders will ask “as an investment, can wine be...

  • The Investment Approach for Bordeaux Wines

    The Investment Approach for Bordeaux Wines

    What is the best investment approach for Bordeaux wines? There is no one perfect strategy or winning formula to magically produce the kind of returns that is putting wine investment on the map. To invest profitably in fine wine, one must have a solid financial strategy...

  • Rare Luxury Wines – Investing in Status

    Rare Luxury Wines – Investing in Status

    Gone are the days where a Hugo Boss suit and Rolex timepiece would propel your perception in the public eye. Even a Ferrari in the garage no longer carries as much status as it once did; however, top class luxury wines are slowly becoming a status symbol for the wealthy and...

  • Wine Portfolio or Wine Fund

    Wine Portfolio or Wine Fund

    There are differences between a wine-fund and a wine portfolio – each has its merits as well as disadvantages. Based on your (the investors) financial perspective, as well as specific needs and requirements, you may find one is more suitable than the other, especially when...

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