Further Reading on the Bordeaux market

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  • The Wine Regions in Bordeaux

    The Wine Regions in Bordeaux

    The wine regions in Bordeaux are a composition of districts and subdivisions, each governed by a different set of rules and regulations dictating the production of Bordeaux wine. The Bordeaux wine regions are all of varying shapes and sizes and cover the entire area of the...

  • Wine Bottle Sizes

    Wine Bottle Sizes

    Bordeaux wine bottles are available in all sorts of sizes, volumes and shapes. Although there is a standardized scale of measurement when dealing with wine bottles, terminology may differ from region to region. Different types of wine i.e. Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne...

  • The Classification of Bordeaux Wines

    The Classification of Bordeaux Wines

    A classification of all Bordeaux wines was suggested as early as the 18th century. France was, and still is one of the leading wine producers in the world, with the Bordeaux region specializing in the production of high quality red wine. Any wine produced in the region of...