Further Reading on Wine Investment

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  • What is Wine Asset Management?

    What is Wine Asset Management?

    In financial terms, assets are economic resources. Whether referring to something tangible or intangible, as long as it is capable of being owned or controlled to produce value, it is considered an asset. In other words, assets symbolize ownership of value that can be...

  • Fine Wine – Value Investment or Speculation?

    Fine Wine – Value Investment or Speculation?

    As fine wines show a steady gain in popularity in the financial arena, the question and concerns remain – is wine a value investment or pure speculation? To correctly determine the categorization of luxury wine as a financial instrument, one must define the aforementioned...

  • Wine and Gold

    Wine and Gold

    Wine versus Gold; in the world of finance and investments, is it comparable? Despite the price fluctuations over the last few months, gold is still perceived as the ‘safe haven’. As investments in fine wine are relatively new, it is met with some reluctance, even from...