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  • What is Wine Asset Management?

    What is Wine Asset Management?

    In financial terms, assets are economic resources. Whether referring to something tangible or intangible, as long as it is capable of being owned or controlled to produce value, it is considered an asset. In other words, assets symbolize ownership of value that can be...

  • The Wine Regions in Bordeaux

    The Wine Regions in Bordeaux

    The wine regions in Bordeaux are a composition of districts and subdivisions, each governed by a different set of rules and regulations dictating the production of Bordeaux wine. The Bordeaux wine regions are all of varying shapes and sizes and cover the entire area of the...

  • The Left Bank and Right Bank of Bordeaux TEST

    Many people often wonder about the left bank and right bank of Bordeaux. The Bordeaux region is, in fact, divided by the Gironde River. The two regions separating Bordeaux as a result are the left bank and the right bank.

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