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Welcome to the Bordeaux Traders press page. Below you will find various articles of our company and our CEO. As we operate on a global basis, the articles are divided into two groups: English and German. For any further questions or any press and media inquiries, please send us an email to: press(at)



Further reading on wine investment

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  • Why Wine Investment is Tax Free

    Why Wine Investment is Tax Free

    Is investing in fine wine really tax free? Are investment wines exempt from income tax and capital gains tax? These are some of the salient questions posed by savvy investors when dealing with investments in luxury wines.

  • The Classification of Bordeaux Wines

    The Classification of Bordeaux Wines

    A classification of all Bordeaux wines was suggested as early as the 18th century. France was, and still is one of the leading wine producers in the world, with the Bordeaux region specializing in the production of high quality red wine. Any wine produced in the region of...

  • Wine and Gold

    Wine and Gold

    Wine versus Gold; in the world of finance and investments, is it comparable? Despite the price fluctuations over the last few months, gold is still perceived as the ‘safe haven’. As investments in fine wine are relatively new, it is met with some reluctance, even from...