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Bellevue Mondotte 2012

Chateau Bellevue Mondotte


The 2012 Bellevue Mondotte may turn out to be just as powerful and exquisite as the 2010, perhaps even superior to that beauty. This full-bodied super-star of the vintage boasts deep notes of graphite, creme de cassis and blackberries as well as a full-bodied, viscous texture, a huge mid-palate (atypical for a 2012), and a whopping amount of fruit, glycerin and tannin in the finish. However, the tannins are ripe and remarkably well-integrated. Sadly, this amazing effort is extremely limited in production. It should drink well for 20-25 years.A small, 5-acre jewel of an estate planted with 90% Merlot and the rest Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, this property, which sits next to La Mondotte, hit 14% natural alcohol (just below the 14.3% achieved by their 2010).


€ 1,400

 October 2015

Chateau Bellevue Mondotte

Chateau Bellevue Mondotte is a small wine growing estate based in Saint Emilion, in Bordeaux, France. A mere 2.5 hectares in terms of vineyard size, the output of the winery is accordingly sparse.


Chateau Bellevue Mondotte was acquired by Gerard Perse in 2001, who is also the owner of the esteemed Chateau Pavie. As a result of the harvesting techniques used to produce bottles of this highly regarded fine wine, Chateau Bellevue Mondotte has one of the lowest yields from all the right bank wine estates; roughly 15 hectoliters per hectare.


The fine wine of Chateau Bellevue Mondotte is a powerful wine; many describe it as intense and rich in flavor and substance. The vines are around 45 years of age, planted with 90% merlot, and 5% each of cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon.

1,000 cases

Grand Cru Classe

Saint Emilion/Right Bank

2.5 hectares

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