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Le Pin 1994

Chateau Le Pin


A beautiful 1994, and certainly one of the best wines of the vintage, this medium-bodied Le Pin shows notes of sweet oak intermixed with espresso bean, vanilla, black cherry, licorice, and white chocolate. The wine is medium-bodied, has moderately high tannin, but a luscious, sweet, succulent attack before the tannins begin to kick in. It is hard to peg the actual plateau of maturity of this wine, which seems evolved and complex aromatically but then has still plenty of tannin to shed. Anticipated maturity: 2004-2016. Last tasted, 5/02.


€ 22,800

 October 2015

Chateau Le Pin

Chateau Le Pin is a world famous wine growing estate based in Bordeaux, France. Falling under the directives of the Pomerol appellation, this relatively small chateau is on the right bank of the Gironde estuary. Although miniscule in terms of size, when compared with the other wine estates in Bordeaux, France – Chateau Le Pin consistently produces the world’s most expensive and highly rated red wines.


The name Le Pin is derived from a solitary pine tree that grows near the winery, and as of 2012 the estate spans a mere 2.7 hectares. Le Pin bottles and cases are a constant presence in the wine market, fetching high prices year after year; a fact that is somewhat justified by the fact that only around 700 cases are produced each year.

600 - 700 cases


Pomerol/Right Bank

2 hectares

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