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Les Pensees de Lafleur 1993

Les Pensees de Lafleur - Chateau Lafleur


It appears that Lafleur's second wine (500 cases produced) was fashioned from this micro-estate's softer, more supple cuvees. The 1993 Pensees de Lafleur exhibits impressive color, good ripeness, the exotic, jammy black-cherry component found in top vintages of Lafleur, and moderate tannin. It is far more accessible than its bigger sister. This wine can be drunk in 2-3 years and should keep for 10-15.


€ 750

 October 2015

Les Pensees de Lafleur - Chateau Lafleur

Les Pensees de Lafleur is the second wine of the highly rated Chateau Lafleur; a Bordeaux winery based in the Pomerol appellation, on the Right Bank of Bordeaux, France. Located in the Gironde department, it is an unclassified wine (like all wines from this region) yet is a highly rated luxury wine, amongst the world’s elite. Year after year, Chateau Lafleur produces top wines always commanding high prices at auctions and sales.

Les Pensees de Lafleur which is the secondary wine of Chateau Lafleur has been in production since the year 1984 and is commonly regarded as an ‘insider’s secret’ throughout the wine industry. The wine estate of Chateau Lafleur spans a mere 4 hectares and produces around 750 cases a year of Les Pensees de Lafleur. In total, the Chateau has an output of just under 2,000 cases per annum.

750 cases


Pomerol/Right Bank

4 hectares

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