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Pavie 1986

Chateau Pavie


Beginning to fade and show a more attenuated style than it did earlier, the 1986 Pavie has a garnet color with considerable amber at the edge. A nose of sweet stewed vegetables, dried Provencal herbs, sweet and sour cherries, and earth is followed by a medium-bodied wine, with the tannins begin to take over the wine’s personality. The wine was quite impressive young, but has not held up with cellaring. Anticipated maturity: Now-2006. Last tasted, 1/03. *** Excluding the 1982, the 1986 is the finest Pavie made in the last three decades. It is a full-bodied, deep, tannic, highly extracted wine, with a bouquet that displays a great deal of sweet, toasty oak, and a finish that goes on and on. There are noticeable tannins in the wine, so expect to defer your gratification for some time while waiting for this wine to mature. Quite impressive, Pavie is clearly one of the stars of the St.-Emilion appellation in 1986. Anticipated maturity: Now-2010. Last tasted, 3/90.


€ 2,200

 October 2015

Chateau Pavie

Chateau Pavie is a top wine estate based in the Saint Emilion region of Bordeaux, France. Located in the South West, the chateau was reclassified to the top tier of the Saint Emilion classification of wine in 2012, as Premier Grand Cru Classe (A).

The name Pavie originates back to Roman times, signifying an orchard of peaches - ‘Pavies’ that used to reside in the area. The owner of this prestigious wine estate is Parisian millionaire Gerard Perse, who procured the chateau for a whopping $ 31 million (USD) in 1998.

13,500 - 16,500 cases

Premier Grand Cru Classe (A)

Right Bank

50 hectares

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