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Pavie 1997

Chateau Pavie


Perse did not make this wine, but did insist upon a strict selection, resulting in an elegant, medium-bodied, soft, cherry and spicy-scented, pleasant, picnic-styled Bordeaux. It should drink well for 4-5 years. *** I am confident that the next vintage of Pavie I review (1998) will be a remarkably improved wine now that there is a new proprietor. Gerard Perse, the exceptionally passionate and motivated proprietor of Monbousquet, has become the biggest quality landholder in St.-Emilion. He recently purchased Pavie-Decesse (in time to make a superb 1997), and following the 1997 vintage, consummated the purchase of Pavie and La Clusiere. Anyone who has spent time in the vineyards of St.-Emilion knows that Pavie has one of that appellation's finest terroirs, yet it has largely been an underachieving property. Look for that to change. Monsieur Perse could not do much for the 1997 since it was already made, so this wine is not typical of what will ultimately emerge. The dark ruby-colored 1997 is herbal and earthy with a lean palate, and none of the charm, fat, or richness of the appellation's better wines. Its dry tannin, medium body, and overall size and depth suggest it should be drunk during its first 7-8 years of life.


€ 1,800

 October 2015

Chateau Pavie

Chateau Pavie is a top wine estate based in the Saint Emilion region of Bordeaux, France. Located in the South West, the chateau was reclassified to the top tier of the Saint Emilion classification of wine in 2012, as Premier Grand Cru Classe (A).

The name Pavie originates back to Roman times, signifying an orchard of peaches - ‘Pavies’ that used to reside in the area. The owner of this prestigious wine estate is Parisian millionaire Gerard Perse, who procured the chateau for a whopping $ 31 million (USD) in 1998.

13,500 - 16,500 cases

Premier Grand Cru Classe (A)

Right Bank

50 hectares

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