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Petrus 1985

Chateau Petrus


This is the kind of wine that I bought at a high price, and every bottle I have tasted from a six-bottle allocation has been increasingly disappointing. The wine still has its admirers, particularly Michael Broadbent, who continues to find it virtually perfect. Either we have different palates or we are tasting different wine, but this wine now has a medium ruby color with considerable amber at the edge. The nose smells like fresh vegetable market, with spice box, celery seed, fennel all there, along with a hint of tobacco and Provencal herbs. There is sweet cherry fruit there, but the weediness dominates everything. In the mouth, the wine is light, medium-bodied, and fading. This is a wine to taste with the label clearly in front of you, to think of other Petrus vintages as opposed to what is in the 1985. Caveat emptor. Anticipated maturity: Now-2010. Last tasted, 11/02.


€ 23,000

 October 2015

Chateau Petrus

Petrus is a prestigious Bordeaux wine estate situated towards the East of the Pomerol appellation, bordering the Saint Emilion region of Bordeaux, France. Petrus produces no second wine, and although it has never been classified, is regarded as one of the most highly rated wines in the world. Of the Pomerol appellation, the two frontrunners Petrus and Le Pin are considered amongst the top wines of the world, consistently demanding extremely high prices at auctions and the like.


Petrus produces a very limited supply of red wine comprised mainly of Merlot grapes, and occasionally with slight amounts of Cabernet Franc. The estate is under the ownership of wine merchant JP Moueix, and spans only 11.4 hectares. Consequently, Petrus only produces around 2,500 cases a year, further driving the prices of its elite Bordeaux wine through the roof.

2,500 - 3,000 cases


Pomerol/Right Bank

11.4 hectares

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